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….  a skilled comic actress-dancer… an unusually smooth blend of humor and choreographic deftness.

….  a seamless collaboration of words, music and dance.

Jennifer Dunning, New York Times 


…..the work which she and Wall Matthews have based on WB Butler Yeats’ Crazy Jane Poems is outstandingly beautiful.”

Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald 


“Ara Fitzgerald is another transatlantic talent for whom dance, though a crucial element is only the beginning of creativity…. marvelously funny and searingly truthful.

Cordelia Oliver, The Guardian 


Ara Fitzgerald can make body language shout and sing. 

Lindsay Paterson, The Scotsman


….begins like a vaudeville routine, with showy movements full of hooey hokum and flailing elbows but eventually smoothes into a thoughtful and somewhat sensual exploration of the role of food in the creation of man. 
Robert Weinstein,   


“... the evocative medium known as ‘fool’s theatre’ performed by those omni-gifted minimalists the world calls ‘clowns. Fitzgerald touches us while she makes us laugh.” 

Kitty Montgomery, The Woodstock Times  


“Ara Fitzgerald charmingly brought the late Lotte Goslar signature solo and sweetly comic.. Life of a Flower, to life…. utterly spontaneous and full of pathos, vulnerability and comic subtlety. As a result, we identified with this little flower.” 

Pat Catterson, review of The American Dance Guild Festival


Photo credit: Whitney Browne
Photo credit: Whitney Browne


Claire Byrne & Ara Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Whitney Browne

Peer Quotes

“Just plain funny is all too rare in dance these days. Ara Fitzgerald's work is not only funny, but also witty, accessible and moving. She's a thread in an all-but-forgotten lineage of female solo performers - Lotte Goslar, Margie Beals, even Whoopi Goldberg - whose every gesture speaks decades of experience. 

Marta Renzi, Choreographer and filmmaker  


“Ara’s work is brilliant on many levels. It is smart, moving, beautifully structured and always offers a kernel of humor. This is solo work at its best.”

Joanna Mendl Shaw, Choreographer and director of The Equus Projects


"Ara Fitzgerald's work is quirky and profound in the same moment. I find myself laughing with abandon in one section and then quickly brought to a place of exquisite tenderness in the next. Ara is a consummate performer; the space comes alive with her sense of wit, ease and imagination. I absolutely love her work."

Rebecca Stenn, Choreographer, performer, faculty The New School 


“In my opinion, Ara Fitzgerald is the rare artist; one who is consistently truthful and profoundly human. It is always a pleasure to watch this performer.  She is totally clear in her theatrical endeavors and you never have to scratch your head wondering what she is doing.  She let’s you into her world and keeps you there until the last thought is written and carved in your imagination."

Lance Westergard, Choreographer, performer and former Director of Dance Hofstra University

"Ara’s original and unique narrative dance performances are visually beautiful, thought-provoking, emotionally nuanced, and politically aware."
MJ Edwards, Curator/Director, Grand Manan Museum, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada

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