Slow Dancing Is Easy


Why should it be hard? It made Arthur Murray a millionaire and Fred Astaire a God.


Text, Choreography & Performance: Ara Fitzgerald

Costume by: Liz Prince

Photo credit: Peter Cunningham

The Dance Place, Washington, DC 2015 

Why Did Sarah Berhnhardt Sleep In A Coffin?


Ara was invited to create a piece for The Dragon’s Egg on ‘The Poetry of Death.’ Stumped, she awoke in the middle of the night remembering that Sarah Bernhardt slept in a coffin. 

Written and performed by Ara Fitzgerald

Film: Peter Cunningham

Watch The Bullies Dance

Watch The Bullies Dance stars the ghost of circus impresario P.T. Barnum, who is angry that he has been compared to fellow showman Donald Trump. They both love to sell tickets but P.T. has principles. 


In a reverse of her usual process, Ara created the material in winter 2017 as a series of short films with Peter Cunningham whose grandmother was famous for handing out condoms for Planned Parenthood in Harvard Square. The pieces were linked and performed on stage for The Resistance Cabaret at Improv/ Boston in May, Norte Maar’s Brooklyn Performance Combine in June, The American Dance Guild Festival in September and The 2018 APAP Conference in NYC. 

Performer: Ara Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Peter Cunningham

Watch The Bullies Dance

Words for Music Perhaps


Based on the poetry of WB Yeats. “Love is all unsatisfied that cannot take the whole body and soul.” Crazy Jane Poems 


Poetry: WB Yeats

Choreography: Ara Fitzgerald

Music: Wall Matthews

Performers: Ara Fitzgerald, Adam Gonzales, and Wall Matthews

Photo credit: Peter Cunningham

The Emerging Artists Theatre Festival, New York, New York June 2015

On Looking Back

Orpheus from Eurydice's point of view, or if only men could follow directions!


Text & Performance: Ara Fitzgerald based on Virgil's version of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke. 

Photo credit: Sadrud-Din Shah (2006) and Julie Lemberger (2016)

Life of a Flower


A beginning, a middle, an end. Then spring.

Created by the renowned dancer and clown Lotte Goslar (1943). Restaged for Ara Fitzgerald by Lance Westergard in 2004.

Performed with permission of The Pantomime Circus Foundation. 


Choreography: Lotte Goslar

Performer: Ara Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Peter Cunningham

The Dance Place, Washington, DC February 2015



Two bawdy women on a spiritual quest. Every night Ara and Clare begin their choreographic improvisation where Chaucer’s Wife of Bath left off.


Choeography & performance: Clare Byrne and Ara Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Peter Cunningham

The Comedy In Dance Festival Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY 2013

Heavenly Display: Everything I Know About Astrology (A Short Dance)


Choreography & Performance: Ara Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Yi-Chun Wu

The Comedy In Dance Festival, Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY April, 2016