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The Sound of One Hand Slapping

The Sound of One Hand Slapping is an excerpt from Watch The Bullies Dance in which the ghost of P.T. Barnum, upset that heaven is a no smoking zone, returns and laments the loss of ethics in the show business of politics. "Trust, not fear is the true art of the showman. Who knew that common sense could be so complicated?" Not to mention: Civil Rights, Black Lives, Indigenous Tribes, Corporate Slavery, Campaign Finance, Puerto Rico, Pharmaceuticals, Pre-existing Conditions, Plastics, Pardons, Paper Towels, Guns, Police Brutality, Mob Mentality, Ferguson, Flint, Charlottesville, Good Cops, Double Standards, The ERA, The Dreamers, Turtle Island, Mauna Kea. We The People hold these truths...

Text, Choreography & Performance: Ara Fitzgerald

Film: Peter Cunningham

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