2020 films written and performed by Ara Fitzgerald and directed by Peter Cunningham.

THE GHOST OF P.T.BARNUM escapes Heaven (a no smoking zone) to enjoy a cigar and rail about guiding  principles in the showbusiness of politics.

‘Trust, not fear— that is the art of the true showman.” 

2020 Short films based on excerpts from the 2017 stage piece, Watch The Bullies Dance.

“THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” THE GHOST OF P.T.BARNUM sells tickets to his American circus (episode #1)

“TRUST NOT FEAR” THE GHOST OF P.T.BARNUM on the ethics of show business and politics.(episode #3)

"ERECT PEACE" THE GHOST OF P.T.BARNUM talks dirty. (episode #4)

"WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS" THE GHOST OF P.T.Barnum pontificates on self-evident TRUTH. (episode #2)